How to Guide: Ingenico Card Reader Reset

Ingenico is a vendor with a wide selection of mobile and in-store payment solutions. This brand offers a line of compact card readers that work with POS terminals, tablets, and smartphones.

If you own one of these card readers, you should know how to perform an Ingenico card reader reset to clear connectivity issues and other problems.

How to Reset an Ingenico Card Reader

The steps to do an Ingenico card reader reset follow vary depending on the card reader model you own.

In-Store Card Readers

Ingenico offers in-store card readers that you can connect to a POS system from this vendor or another brand.

In-store card readers include the 300 series, with popular models like the 320 and 350 Ingenico card readers. You can also find older models, including the 200 series.

If you have a card reader from the 300 series, all you have to do is press the yellow button at the bottom of the keyboard along with the # button for a few seconds. The device will shut down and reboot. Note that the booting sequence can take up to a minute to complete.

For older models, including the 200 series, try pressing the yellow button along with the minus button for a few seconds.

Ingenico Card Reader Reset

Mobile Card Readers

Performing an Ingenico card reader reset is slightly different if you own a mobile card reader.

The Moby 6500 and Moby 8500 will reboot if you press the yellow button along with the dot button on the keyboard.

The Moby 5500 is a compact mobile device that doesn’t have a keyboard. The device will shut down by itself if it’s inactive for a while, but you can force it to shut down by pressing the on/off button on the right side. Press the button again to turn it back on.

Resetting Bluetooth on Your Ingenico Mobile Card Reader

Ingenico Card Reader Customer

With mobile POS accounting for $2.88 trillion in transactions, a growing number of businesses use products like the Moby card readers from Ingenico.

If you’re among these business owners, you need to know how to reset the Bluetooth feature on your card reader. Unpairing and pairing the device again can clear connectivity issues without requiring you to fully reboot the card reader.

Start by opening the Ingenico mobile app. Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner and select Bluetooth reader.

A new screen will open. You can check your Bluetooth connection status on this screen.

If you have a connected card reader, you can reset the Bluetooth connection with these steps:

  1. Tap the Information button next to the Ingenico card reader displayed on the screen.
  2. Choose Forget this device.
  3. You can now establish a new connection:
  4. On your mobile device, open the Ingenico app and go to Menu in the top left corner.
  5. Select Settings and Bluetooth reader.
  6. Look for an option called Pair a new reader.
  7. Choose the model number of your card reader in the list that appears.
  8. After you select your card reader model, the app will send a pairing request.
  9. If you have a Moby 5500, press the Bluetooth button on the right side to enter pairing mode. If you have a 6500 or 8500 model, press F followed 2.
  10. Your Moby 5500 will display a unique light pattern with its LED. If you have a 6500 or 8500 card reader, you’ll see a passcode on the screen.

The Ingenico app will display this same light pattern or passcode and ask you to confirm that it matches your card reader.

When Should You Reset Your Ingenico Card Reader?

You can perform an Ingenico card reader reset in the following situations:

  • The device is frozen, and the display is stuck.
  • You can’t connect the card reader to your POS or mobile device, even after resetting the Bluetooth connection.
  • The card reader is not reading cards.
  • The touchscreen is malfunctioning.
  • The device processes payments slowly.

Resetting your card reader will restore a number of default settings, including connectivity settings. It’s one of the first troubleshooting steps you should take.

If you have a 200 or 300 series card reader, you can also try disconnecting the card reader from the terminal. Unplug the connector, wait a few seconds, and plug the card reader back in.

If you’re having a hard time resetting your mobile card reader, check the battery. The 6500 and 8500 models have a battery status icon on their displays while the 5500 model has an LED indicator. A slow blinking or dark LED indicates the battery is low.

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Further Troubleshooting Steps

If rebooting your card reader didn’t fix the problem, there are a few additional steps you can try.

Mobile Card Readers

Try closing the Ingenico app:

  • On Android, tap the three bars located in the bottom left corner of your screen. You’ll see all the apps currently open on your device. Swipe up on the Ingenico app to close it.
  • On iOS, go to the home screen and swipe up to see your open apps. Swipe right or left to find the Ingenico app and swipe up to close it.

You can also try restarting your phone or tablet. Press the power button for a few seconds to reboot the device.

Restarting your mobile device will force close the Ingenico app and reset the connection settings of your phone or tablet.

For Wired Readers

If you have a wired card reader from Ingenico, you can try restarting your POS terminal. It will void the current transaction, but the machine should conserve a log of your transaction history and other important data.

The steps to follow will vary from one model to another. It’s best to check the user manual to safely reboot your terminal.

Most models require that you disconnect the power supply and press a button to confirm that you want to turn the terminal off.

Wrap Up

The steps for resetting an Ingenico card reader vary from one model to another, but you’ll typically have to press the yellow button along with the pound, minus, or dot key.

If rebooting the card reader doesn’t work, try resetting the Bluetooth connection or restarting your phone, tablet, or terminal.

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