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Card Acceptance Simplified

Offer your customers the ability to pay with the card they want to, without a higher rate.

American Express® is offering a new program to merchants. This program is exclusive to a select number of payment service providers. At BMS, we are part of that elite network. Payments from Amex can now be processed in the same way as other major credit cards for a simplified workflow system.

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Small Business Loans

Let Your Future Pay for Your Present

Are you considering an expansion or further purchases for your business?

BMS offers cash advances against future sales. No need to take out a loan. Pay us back with a percentage of your credit card transactions. No payment books or due dates, simply sign up for the cash advance program, and after approval receive your funds.

The process is quick, easy, and exclusive.

We want to help you pay for today’s improvements with tomorrow’s sales

Merchant Services Small Business Loans

How It Works

Simply fill out our Small Business Loan Application. Once submitted, just sit back and relax. We will send you a quick response on your options for percentages and length of term. And remember, unlike a loan, there is no fixed payment schedule. Repayment is based on your processing. BMS will not change the terms of the agreement, unless it is mutually agreed upon.

Merchant Services High Risk

High Risk Merchant Welcome

Let Your Future Pay for Your Present

Have you been told that you are a high risk merchant? This label may have been related to your business or industry being deemed as risky, you run an offshore business, or even that your marketing is raising some flags. Your credit score may be low. There are several reasons that could apply to your business. Believe it or not, there is a huge list of industries in the high risk category. If yours is one of them, don’t worry. We can help. We will provide a free assessment of your business and create a plan that will allow you to take credit card payments. BMS will help you get your business out of the “high risk” category and into the “successful” one.

Our Loyal Customers

Its all in the Details.

By offering Gift and Loyalty cards, your business can thrive even more. You will experience increased cash flow and consumer spending, not to mention increasing repeat business from your current customers.

Gift Cards

Loyalty Cards

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