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  • Payments: Accepts chip, swipe, and contactless payments including Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®
  • Screen: 14″ high-definition merchant-facing touch screen and 7″ customer-facing touch screen
  • Receipt printer: High-speed thermal dot receipt printer
  • Security: Clover Security end-to-end encryption
  • Camera & Scanner: Dual 5 mega-pixel cameras with scanning software
  • Connectivity: WiFi and ethernet connectivity
  • Cash drawer: Includes a bill tray, coin tray, two keys, and a security cable.
  • PIN Pad: Virtual keypad for PIN entry

Key Features & Benefits

Easy to Use and Ready to Go

Station Duo is ready for work right out of the box, and with intuitive software built in, training your staff is minimal.

Accept Every Type of Payment

Let customers pay however they want. Credit or debit. Swipe, dip, or contactless payments like Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and next generation payments like PayPal/Venmo® QR codes.

We've Got Your Back

Protect your business and customer information with end-to-end encryption, integrated chip sensors, and optional fingerprint login.

Device Variants Available

  • Clover Station Duo Bundle with CD (Tablet, Printer,Terminal, Kit, Cash Drawer)
  • Clover Duo Bundle
  • Clover Station Duo Starter Kit
  • Clover Station Duo Display
  • Clover Station Duo Terminal

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How Clover Station Duo Works

One of the best merchant processing devices is the Clover Station Duo, an all-in-one POS that can increase productivity. This point of sales system is ideal for retailers, restaurants, and most service businesses.

Essentially, anywhere that customers may stand in line to check out! One of the best features of the Clover Duo is the two screens, which help keep lines moving along and make it easy for workers to complete transactions.

The Clover Station has a 14-inch HD display for workers and a seven-inch touchscreen for guests to confirm the transaction, leave a tip, accept rewards, or request a receipt. The POS is also compact and sleek, so you can keep your business organized and attractive without using clunky systems.

The Clover Duo also has excellent customizability, so you can adjust the system to meet your business needs. Set up handheld devices with electronic accessories like scanners and printers. Tie together multiple devices, from tablets to countertop computers.

The flexibility of this system makes it easy to scale the POS with your business as it grows! The Clover Station is a secure and intuitive system that is easy to learn and will protect your and your customer’s data.

The possibilities with this system are endless, as you can create loyalty programs, customize transactions, and more, putting all the POS power in your hands.

How Clover Station Works
How Clover Station Works Mobile

Power Your Business With Apps From Clover.

Clover merchant processing devices can sync with helpful applications! Below are some of the top merchant processing apps to consider using to enhance your business.

Main Street Insights
Main Street Insights

Main Street Insights also called Clover Insights is a phenomenal tool that helps you better understand your business competition. With this app, you can see how profitable businesses in your area are and how many clients they have.

Time Clock
Time Clock

Time Clock is a handy app that makes managing your staff and their shifts convenient and simple. You can track employee hours, create schedules, send shift reminders, and even post job openings.

Quickbooks Bycommerce Sync
Quickbooks by Commerce Sync

Data and analytics are essential for growing a business. This app can deliver insightful analytics and keep your business information organized, acting like a digital bookkeeper.

Order Out
Order Out

With Order Out, you can sync your third-party food delivery orders with your Clover system. Orders from apps like Uber or Doordash can be directly printed in your kitchen to save time and effort.

Davo Sales
DAVO Sales Tax

Using DAVO Sales Tax you can automatically set aside your sales tax for the day and pay taxes online in full. It’s an excellent application for monitoring tax requirements and storing sensitive tax documents.

Check Acceptance
Check Acceptance

The Check Acceptance app allows you to digitally accept checks with lower processing fees. Receive checks quickly with no monthly minimum and benefit from the security of TeleCheck’s warranty protection.

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