Clover POS System Review: Features, Costs, Top Alternatives

Clover is a merchant with a line of hardware and software POS solutions. It’s a highly customizable POS system that is growing in popularity in the restaurant industry with major chains like Denny’s adopting it.

However, this versatile solution is worth considering for a wide range of businesses, regardless of their industries. Let’s take a closer look at the features that make Clover POS systems stand out.


Clover POS Hardware
Clover Pos Systems

Clover is a cloud-based POS solution that runs on a web-based platform or on dedicated hardware. The great thing about Clover is that you can choose between different hardware solutions and even combine different devices.

The Clover POS hardware line includes the following options:

  • If you need a traditional countertop POS system, the Station Solo or Station Duo could be a good match. The main difference between the two is that the Duo includes a customer-facing display.
  • The Mini is a compact countertop POS device. It helps save room, and you can configure it to use it as a cashier-facing or customer-facing display.
  • With the Flex, Clover offers a versatile handheld POS product. It’s a popular hardware option in the restaurant industry since it allows patrons to pay at the table.
  • The Mobile is another option worth considering if you want a handheld POS that can process payments on the go.
  • The Go is a small and budget-friendly POS product that pairs with your smartphone.

Clover also offers printers and cash drawers that you can combine with these POS products. Note that you can use the Clover POS systems without purchasing hardware since the Virtual Terminal feature transforms your phone, tablet, or computer into a digital POS system.

If you do most of your business online, you can rely on the Virtual Terminal instead of purchasing hardware.


A Cloud-Based POS Solution

Clover is a cloud-based POS solution, which means the merchant operates software and apps that reside in the cloud.

Opting for a cloud-based POS platform reduces the workload of your IT team and comes with other advantages.


Fast Deployment

Did you know the cloud-based POS market is growing at an annual rate that exceeds 23%? Businesses are opting for cloud-based products because they allow for fast deployment.

Whether you plan on opening a new location or need to accept payments from a food truck or pop-up store, getting set up only takes a few minutes.


Processing payments in the cloud requires robust connectivity features. Depending on the hardware you select, you can stay connected with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G/LTE.

Some Clover products like the Mini can switch to a mobile network if Wi-Fi isn’t available. Clover products also come with an offline mode to keep accepting payments in case your network is down.


Cloud-based POS platforms facilitate integration with other cloud-native apps. Clover users have access to a wide range of apps offered by the merchant, including products designed to manage rewards, customer profiles, scheduling, promotions, appointments, and more.

You can also integrate your Clover POS systems with third-party apps. Restaurants can integrate with UberEats, DoorDash, and other online ordering platforms. You can also track your feedback on Yelp, manage your sales with Xero, or manage your payroll with QuickBooks.


As a business owner, you’re responsible for losses tied to credit card fraud if you accept a fraudulent payment. As a Clover user, you can upgrade your plan to include Clover Security Plus.

This feature will protect sensitive data with encryption and tokenization. Clover also verifies addresses and card verification values when processing online payments.


A Fast and Versatile Payment Processing Platform

Clover Pos Apps

Clover POS systems can accept a wide range of payment types and facilitate creating a hybrid model with online and in-person payments.


Different Payment Methods

Clover can process major credit cards, debit cards, digital and physical gift cards generated by Clover, and mobile payments. Contactless payments are a market that could generate $358 billion in revenue by 2025, making accepting mobile wallets a key differentiator for retailers.

Clover POS systems can also keep track of cash payments, which remain the third most common payment method.

The Virtual Terminal unlocks more options, such as accepting payments over the phone, generating invoices, or emailing receipts.

Online and In-Store Payments

Clover makes it easy to upload your menu or inventory online and process online orders. Restaurant kitchens can receive order information in real-time for take-out or delivery.

You can integrate this feature with an existing website or get help from Clover’s partner BentoBox to launch a website that can accept online orders.

Rapid Deposit

Once you link a business debit card to your Clover account, you can request a rapid deposit. There is a 1% fee and a limit of $10,000 per request, but this feature can help improve your cash flow.

The Rapid Deposit feature is a plus since it can help cover unexpected expenses without having to use a credit card.


Go Further With Clover POS Apps

Clover POS systems do more than processing payments. This cloud-based platform includes several features that will help you automate important tasks or manage several locations at once.

Clover Order With Google

Connect With Customers

Clover creates profiles for your customers. You can use these profiles to uncover trends or deliver a personalized experience.

Customers can share feedback, and you can use the Clover customer management feature to reach out and let customers know about deals.

You can also use Clover to manage your loyalty program thanks to the Clover customer engagement app.

Manage Your Team

Clover POS systems come with a built-in feature you can use to manage shifts and schedules. You can also limit access to some POS features for some users and keep track of sales and other insights for each employee.

Save Time With Inventory Management

You can use Clover to track what you sell and what you still have in stock. The platform includes a user-friendly interface where you can create individual product listings, groups, or modifiers to manage your inventory.

Plus, Clover consolidates your online and in-person sales to facilitate inventory management.

Generate Customized Reports

Clover comes with a sales reporting tool. You can track sales in real time, uncover trends, and identify your most popular products or busiest times.

The Clover dashboard is a great tool for tracking revenues, getting ready for tax season, and more.


How Much Do Clover POS Systems Cost?

Clover POS systems charges three types of fees for its service:

  • There is an upfront fee for purchasing hardware, but Best Merchant Services offers you a free Clover system.
  • You’ll have to pay an ongoing monthly fee to use the cloud-based platform.
  • Clover also charges a small fee every time you process a credit card payment.

You can bundle the hardware fee into your monthly payments to avoid paying a large upfront fee.


Hardware Cost

Price varies depending on the device you choose. The Flex costs $500, the Mini is available for $800, and you’ll have to spend $1,300 for the Station Solo.

Monthly Plan

Clover offers three tiers for its monthly subscription. There is a free Starter plan that gives you access to limited features. You can use this plan on the Mini and Go devices.

Clover has a budget-friendly Essential plan for around $14 a month that gives you access to basic features. If you want access to all the features listed above, you’ll have to select an Advanced plan for $50 a month.

Transaction Fees

Clover charges a flat $.10 transaction fee per sale. You will also pay a percentage of the sale.

If you have a Starter or Essential plan, you’ll pay a 2.6% fee for in-person transactions and 3.5% for online sales. The in-person transaction fee is slightly lower at 2.3% if you opt for the Advanced plan.


Clover POS Alternatives

How do other POS solutions compare to Clover POS systems?

QuickBooks POS

If you don’t think that Clover’s cloud-based architecture is a good fit for you, QuickBooks POS can be a great option.

This on-premises POS solution supports integration with QuickBooks desktop tools for accounting, taxes, payroll, and more.

The main advantage is that you can purchase hardware and software upfront and not pay a monthly fee. It’s an option worth considering if you want to reduce costs in the long term or need a POS solution for a business with limited connectivity.


LightSpeed shares some similarities with Clover, but this POS solution might be a better match for online businesses.

LightSpeed comes with a wider range of tools designed to help you grow your online presence, including marketing and SEO tools. You can also use LightSpeed to manage your Amazon, eBay, Facebook, or Instagram stores.


Square has a slightly higher transaction fee for online sales, but you can access advanced features for a lower monthly fee compared to Clover.

Hardware can also be more affordable with options like a free mobile card reader, a budget-friendly POS stand that works with an iPad, or a compact mobile terminal that only costs $300.

While Clover requires you to open a merchant account to receive payments, Square uses its own merchant account. This feature can help you save money on costs associated with opening a merchant account.



Happy Customer

Clover POS systems stand out because they give you the possibility to build a highly-customized payment-processing platform with different hardware options, a mix of online and in-person payments, and app integration.

Clover might not be the most affordable option in the long term, but this vendor makes POS deployment and management easy. Plus, you can always count on the support and sales team if you need help.

Overall, Clover is a great match for businesses looking to modernize their payment-processing capabilities with a tool that is easy and convenient to use.


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